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Prototypowe zwrotnice samochodowe tylne
Robot inspekcyjny wykonany w 2013 roku na zlecenie AGH
Podwody robot inspekcyjny z sonarem wykonany na zlecenie AGH
Obudowa silnika z duraluminium
Obudowy wzmacniaczy z duraluminium
Elementy ozdobne z brązu
Detale wykonane z tytanu
Element do motocykla z duraluminium
Frezowanie CNC w drewnie
  • We Offer:
Processing of metals:
  • turning services
  • milling services
  • grinding services
  • cutting and boring electrical erosion and thermal processing
  • hardening, carburised hardening
  • Browning
  • Pre-hardening
Projecting and designing made to order:
  • blanking dies
  • moulds to production of rubber articles
  • the injection forms for plastic materials
  • marking the details and parts
  • zincing bichromatic
  • the smith's punches to etiquettes
  • labels for printing and cog-wheels
  • chain-wheels
  • exchangeable parts
  • technological devices for motor industry
We provide professional services for customers as well as offering special orders to suit client’s individual needs; Such as, coat from polyamides and derlin materials, processing of rubber and polyurethanes.

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